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The salesperson’s day-to-day challenges

Tylko on-line nr 9/2019

Memories of a salesman: to make mistakes is human

Mark is an experienced salesperson working in a car showroom. It was a really hot day. Thankfully, the air conditioning was on full blast in the showroom, allowing Mark to concentrate on work and not think about the temperature outside. However, thanks to the e-mail that Mark received up a few minutes ago, he’s now sitting in a pool of his own sweat. It turned out that a large consignment of vehicles...

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nr 8/2019

Good product, bad sales

What do you do when sales of a leading product start to fall? What should you look for when analysing what caused the problem? Using the example of Anna - a pharmaceutical representative - we demonstrate how to get back on the right track when the competition has launched a similar offer at a lower price.

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nr 7/2019

From telemarketer to team leader


Working on the phone might not be much fun, but it’s even harder to manage a group of telemarketers. Typically, team leaders have no prior management experience, and their first 90 days are rather ‘make or break’. So, what do you need and what can you do to stay in the saddle and build a committed and effective telesales team?

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nr 3/2018

Mistakes preventing you from closing the deal

If you feel convinced by the product, you increase your chances of selling it as it is easier to recommend something you actually use. However, many salesmen, despite being satisfied with the product themselves, have trouble closing the deal. What mistakes are they making and how can they be avoided?
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