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7 ways to ensure your sales team are fans of your CRM


As a sales leader, you likely understand the numerous ways a customer relationship management, or CRM solution can add value to your business and help transform your sales processes. Studies have shown that companies who incorporate CRM systems communicate more effectively with their customers and deliver a better overall customer experience, in turn helping to boost customer retention. So how then,...

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Tylko on-line nr 9/2019

How to make a video on a limited budget

You don’t necessarily need a huge budge to create a video for your business. Of course, it helps, but it isn’t necessary for creating attractive materials for your customers. In the article, we present some tips on how to create movies with limited financial means.

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nr 7/2019

How CRM can help salespeople boost their results


Salespersons have a lot of data to manage. And today more than ever, when the experience we give our customers is our differentiator, it’s hugely important not to reduce one’s customers and prospects down to just raw data.

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nr 6/2019

Market analysis ‑ step by step


Reliable market analysis is often the foundation of shrewd managerial decisions. It offers a long list of benefits - it helps to define directions for development, select, strategies, and plan better, and it helps improve the efficiency of current operations. The ability to conduct market analysis is also useful when working on the sales front line. So how do you conduct professional market analysis?...

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nr 6/2019

Social selling and how to do it well


Social selling is a trend sweeping the world - this strategy focuses on building relationships, which then turn into sales. It’s incredibly successful but can be hard to start. This article breaks down the points to focus on best practices and how to measure your success to make sure you’re getting the most out of your social selling strategy.

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nr 5/2018

Sales forecasting for e‑commerce


Sales forecasting is important in maintaining a successful e-commerce business. An accurate forecast helps you budget and plan ahead, but forecasting can be tough. Having an organized approach and tracking certain metrics are critical and can give you a recipe for success.

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Tylko on-line nr 5/2018

Podcast your way to clients

Using podcasts to attract clients is becoming more and more popular. Relatively few companies and salespeople are aware of how effective this tool can be in building client confidence and converting potential clients into actual clients. However, the number of sales podcasts is constantly increasing, so the sooner you start your own, the more chance you have of success.
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