Briefcase, brochures and pen, plus business card and good gestures. These are usually the tools used by the salesman during a meeting with a customer. However, it is time for a breath of modernity – thanks to the tablet and Sales Acceleration tools, sales representatives can offer clients a completely new quality experience and increase their results by 27% on average.

What is Sales Acceleration?

Sales Acceleration is a group of application tools that the salesperson can always have with them – e.g. on a tablet – and which allow them to present the company’s offer in a completely new context. With the tablet and the appropriate application available, the seller can:

  1. display any multimedia presentation that contains slides, videos and graphic materials,
  2. use configurators, calculators and suggesters that will help them adapt the product to customer needs,
  3. write down the customer's comments and suggestions,
  4. present the customer with all additional materials as well as contracts and other formal documents,
  5. register the time needed for the entire meeting, as well as for its individual modules,
  6. arrange the next steps with the client,
  7. send the client a summary of the meeting, which will include: presentations, calculation results and contract proposals,
  8. monitor the after-sales process, e.g. whether the customer has opened the e-mail and which materials were viewed.

In this way, the salesperson gets an above average tool that helps him in his daily tasks and makes the whole process incredibly effective.

Is sales a process?

The actions of the salesman who uses Sales Acceleration resemble a structured process. We start by planning the entire course of the meeting: what do we want to say about the company, about ourselves and what about the product. All these elements can be carefully prepared presentation slides, which we simply upload to the application, which we can then display to the client on our tablet. We can stop over each slide, make a note on it, or draw something with the help of a graphic tool - in this way the presentation becomes more tailored to the client, and we get a chance to explain the issue in detail.

What’s more, our presentation can also be very interactive and multimedia. Sales Acceleration tools contain a media library, to which we can upload photos, diagrams or movies beforehand. We weave such elements into our story, or pull them out to the client at any time in the process as an answer to his question.

When we present the company and the product, we can go to the next stage, which is the configuration of the offer. This is one of the most important advantages of Sales Acceleration tools over a typical meeting, because already, during a conversation with a client, we can carry out a survey with him, mark the right answers in the application and automatically calculate a tailored offer for him. But that’s not all, we have all the calculators, suggestion tools and comparison tools at our disposal - the customer can get the answer to the question about a very personalized product in a split second.

The process ends with a summary of the meeting, which will automatically go to the customer’s email inbox. It will contain the slides we talked about with notes, a configured offer, all contracts which the customer can read, and a plan for the next steps. Most importantly, the application will send such a summary for us based on the course of the meeting!

Sales analyst?

Sales Acceleration tools allow us to accurately monitor our actions, then do the analytics in the management panel. We see in it how many meetings we had, with whom, what exactly we presented to our clients, how much time we spent in individual modules, and finally – which elements of the the summary we sent after the meeting were interesting to the client. What’s more, our application can integrate with the CRM system, and this will eventually give us complete knowledge of the entire sales cycle.

What does the practice look like?

Let us imagine that we sell an insurance product, which is to ensure a prosperous future for our children. It is not an easy product, it requires knowledge of some terms related to finance but is also associated with the quite personal sphere of the customer’s life. Instead of a tedious survey, we can pull out a tablet with a graphic calculator in which we collect information from the customer in a few minutes. We will use symbols and iconography that better appeal to the imagination than the questions asked.

If we sell cars or motorbikes, we can configure the customer’s dream machine – including its visualization – in a few minutes, and can make additional choices, e.g. its financing model. When selling energy packages, we will quickly determine the customer’s preferences and lifestyle so that later we can choose the best tariff offer. In other words, Sales Acceleration tools help explain, configure and compile an offer for even the most complex products on the market.

Where to find Sales Acceleration suppliers?

There are not many companies around the world that help salespeople to reach customers efficiently and to manage the direct sales process. One of the pioneers of Sales Acceleration is Salesbook - an application provided by Polish start-up.

This application found recognition in the eyes of companies such as BMW Motorrad, ENERGA and OVB. It has won numerous awards, such as European Startup Days Challenge and Wolves Summit Startup Challenge. To learn more, please visit:

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