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Strategies for success

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Supersalesman tools. How to become 21st century trader?

Briefcase, brochures and pen, plus business card and good gestures. These are usually the tools used by the salesman during a meeting with a customer. However, it is time for a breath of modernity – thanks to the tablet and Sales Acceleration tools, sales representatives can offer clients a completely new quality experience and increase their results by 27% on average.

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Promocyjny nr 9/2019

Business English Video Course

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nr 9/2019

How to replace 7 INEFFECTIVE PRACTICES salespeople use with the ones that work well


Surprisingly, when we interview high performing salespeople and ask them what makes them effective, they often cannot tell us. It’s like interviewing naturally gifted athletes and asking what makes them a great football or basketball player. They simply practice the right skills and behaviors and execute flawlessly on the field. Similarly, many top performing sales professionals do the right things...

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Tekst otwarty nr 9/2019

ANTI‑SELLING ‑ a key to success!


Have you ever felt pushed into buying a product or service? Most people dread the archetypal high-pressure salesperson. Instead of trying to push through a sale, try doing the opposite. This is the basis for anti-selling.

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nr 9/2019

Increase your chances of winning a deal


For several weeks, you’ve been trying to arrange a meeting with a senior-level manager in one of your prospect accounts, and finally, after a concerted business development effort, your persistence has paid off. You have managed to schedule an appointment for a conversation next week. This will be the first time you will speak at length with this prospect, and it is critical that the call goes well....

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Tylko on-line nr 9/2019

Marketing for salespeople: Being on everyone’s lips ‑ word‑of‑mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been an influential tool that can significantly shape the perception of a product or service. However, it should be remembered that it is a double-edged sword - it can both help us and harm us - especially in the Internet age.

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nr 8/2019

Should I stay or hould I go? How to qualify sales opportunities


Salespeople can learn a lot by observing poker players. Every gambler knows who wins each hand of poker: the player who possesses the highest value set of cards, or who is the last remaining player if everyone else folds. However, a more challenging question is: in each hand of poker, who comes in second?

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nr 8/2019

Leave the price for the end


Turn the sales process upside down. Don’t follow the customer. Don’t do what the customer expects you to do at the beginning of the meeting or conversation. Don’t start with the price. The price is the final element - a reward for the values that are important to the customer. In this way, you’ll make sales, you’ll earn money, and you’ll have loyal customers who build your value on the market.

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