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nr 9/2019

PR ‑ a salesperson's secret weapon


If you want to be a successful salesperson, you need your customers and prospects to trust you. Trust, that you know what you are talking about, that you are an expert with their best interests at heart and that you are dependable. How do you build that trust? Obviously, there are many important factors. How you conduct yourself during a meeting, how prepared you are, how well you understand your customers’...

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nr 9/2019

Know what, when, and how ‑ that is, planning a sales meeting


It all started with chaos - and that’s how it would be if you didn’t plan your sales meetings. Many experienced salespeople would tell you that the more work you put into planning, the more successful you’ll be. Below, in just a few steps, we’ll show you how to effectively plan sales meetings, and why planning is important.

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nr 9/2019

Sales etiquette: "I'd like to introduce you to..."


A professional salesperson is someone who not only has sales knowledge and skills, but also knows the principles of business etiquette. Being able to introduce yourself, understanding the principles of precedence, and knowing how to address others, approach clients, and make personal connections - these are the conditions for success. The rules of etiquette are not only a set of conventions, they’re...

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nr 8/2019

Sales etiquette: When you make a gaffe


Everyone has committed a few faux pas, and it’s often difficult to get out of it, to save face. This is all the more important in sales, as gaffes can ruin our efforts to close the deal. What can we do to minimize the risk of a gaffe? How can we fix it if it happens?

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Tekst otwarty nr 8/2019

Negotiation in practice: The Columbo technique


If you used to follow the television adventures of Kojak, if you enjoy a suspenseful thriller or captivating crime drama, and if you patiently wait for the latest episodes of "Mindhunter" or "True Detective", you probably associate the words ‘cop’ and ‘detective’ with a relentless tough guy who rarely smiles, who is eloquently silent, who answers questions with one word - someone who doesn’t yield...

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nr 7/2019

Time management skills: a key to greater productivity in sales


Every salesperson knows the true meaning of saying ‘time is money’. This is because salespeople do not get paid in terms of the numbers of hours they put in. They are paid to produce results. And this means that every minute salespeople spend not engaging in high-gain selling activities represents lost opportunities and, what follows, lost revenue.

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nr 7/2019

Closing sales on the B2B market


Closing transactions, for example by signing a contract, is just the icing on the cake. If the previous stages of the sales conversation were good, then finalization is a natural consequence. If you don’t finalize transactions, the problem often comes from one of the previous stages, so closing sales, despite being the shortest stage of the entire process, requires many different skills.

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nr 6/2019

A colorful message, or what you can tell the client with colors


Color psychology deals with the relationship between color and human mood and behavior. So how do colors affect you and your audience? Theoretical knowledge deepened by practical application will translate into a noticeable increase in sales efficiency.

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