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Speak for success. How to speak about your product and sell it

A product or a service – it does not matter what you sell, as long as you are able to show your prospect that the product or a service you offer will make the whole world of difference in their lives. And regardless of the sales technique you use, one thing is critical to your sales – the language that you use. Since you may only have one opportunity to talk to a customer before their purchase, it is imperative that you communicate effectively. What, then, are the critical components of successful sales in this respect?

Train your cool

Tomasz Targosz   Sell it in English 2/2018 Tylko on-line
For a salesman, stress is a daily occurrence at any stage of their career. Dangerously enough, it can lead to a rapid professional burn-out, declining sales and even health issues. Therefore, it is imperative to know how to manage and alleviate stress.

AIDA in phone sales

Karol Froń   Sell it in English 1/2018

How many times have you gotten the classic “I don’t have time for this” or “I am not interested” or „I’ll think about it” response from a client you called? Most likely too many to count. There is another way and in this article I will show you how to make your client listen and ultimately make a purchase.

"Controlled conversations"

Iza Krejca-Pawski   Sell it in English 1/2018 Tylko on-line

In theory, this seems simple: the salesperson conducts a sales call, steering the conversation so as to finalize the transaction. In practice, in many cases, it’s the client who dictates terms, pins you to the wall with price demands and a series of objections, and praises the competition. What are the most common errors in terms of keeping sales calls under control?

Top 7 negotiation tricks

Kamil Machnik   Sell it in English 1/2018 Tylko on-line

Sometimes while negotiating, we put on a mask to get what we want. There are times that we are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and then there are those when we transform into sheep masquerading as wolves. Regardless of the personality, negotiating style or a set goal, good negotiators are always people with whom you want to do business and even more so if they are on your side.