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nr 12/2020

“We have a deal!” ‑ does spontaneity help in sales?


Have you ever come out of an important meeting with a strange feeling, thinking, “Did I maybe overdo it a little bit?”, “Were my reactions too spontaneous, not professional enough?”. If you have, I offer you a short article on this topic.

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nr 11/2020

Training that makes sense


Going down the road of self-development requires the courage to leave your comfort zone. In this article you will learn how to take the first step, that is, how to diagnose your professional weaknesses and determine what criteria should be used when choosing a training program that will help overcome them.

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nr 8/2019

7 trends that are changing sales


Modern sales are evolving with the development of new technologies. Ubiquitous access to knowledge and information is also changing the customer’s approach to the purchasing process. For years, we’ve been talking about the demise of traditional sales and the smaller and smaller role that salespeople play in the whole process. And how is it really? Here are seven challenges that are increasingly affecting...

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