Anyone can find their own sources of motivation. It’s very important to be aware of both what drives us to act and what leads us to put off our goals. How do we do that - how do we move from words to deeds?

How to motivate yourself

Before we get to the topic of self-motivation and how to work with it, you need to clarify what really motivates you, what stops you from achieving success, what goals you set for yourself, and what your habits are. You may be motivated by money, family, material goods, personal development, the pursuit of happiness, or other factors. To start with, answer honestly: What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? What is stopping you from achieving it?

Self-motivation is a dynamic process consisting of five elements:

  • motivational thinking;
  • properly setting goals;
  • the ability to control your emotions;
  • the ability to change your environment;
  • the ability to take advantage of your own competences.

Motivational thinking

This is a key element in reaching your goals and achieving success. How you think about an action determines how you will change those thoughts into reality. Think about whether your beliefs on a given topic support your goals, or leave you with a sense of excitement. Or, on the contrary, think about whether you’re blocked by a critical voice in your own head.

Consider your three strongest beliefs and write down the thoughts that come with them. Then add five specific things that confirm and strengthen these thoughts. An example would be, ‘I want to lose weight’. You feel determined to deepen them. Find five confirmations from your past when you managed to be consistent and determined.

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