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Psychology of sales

nr 9/2019

Learn... how to learn


The modern world requires us to constantly learn, find new information, and acquire new skills. This is a condition not only for self-development, but also for a professional career and succeeding on the labor market. That’s why it’s worth knowing how to learn, not only to acquire new knowledge, but more importantly, to be able to use it in practice.

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nr 8/2019

‘Buy or Die’


It sounds a bit harsh, ‘Buy or Die’. But it is a phrase I came across in a sales blog a year ago or so and it’s stuck with me. It doesn’t mean literally die, of course, and it’s not a threat that if you don’t sign on the dotted line we will send the knights in wielding axes. This isn’t Game of Thrones, it’s about your sales process.

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nr 8/2019

Are you in control of your negative emotions?


What are the negative emotions you are likely to feel at some point in the sales process? How do you, as a salesperson, keep your emotions in check? How can you remain professional when unpleasant emotions rear their ugly head? Are your emotions getting in the way of a sale? We will take a look at some real-life examples with Dos and Don’ts. Finally, you will get some tips and tricks about how to keep...

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nr 7/2019

Smile when you dial


Yes, I realise it sounds cheesy. But you CAN hear when someone is smiling on the phone. In fact, you can hear what type of smile it is, too, apparently.

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nr 6/2019

Dream team. How to foster teamwork in the workplace


Imagine your team works like a world-class orchestra. Every note is perfectly timed in a synchronized harmony and the audience hear the music soar. Everyone knows their part, and everyone knows how essential their contribution is to the overall effect. The orchestra trusts the conductor, because he is the only person to see the whole picture and to help them combine separate pieces into one. Yes, this...

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nr 6/2019

Will they buy, or won't they?


When arriving at a sales meeting, every salesperson has the same question in their head. Armed with appropriate knowledge and experience, they’ll quickly find out the answer during the presentation. Using several factors as an example, we’ll show how to interpret and respond to customer behavior in order to finalize sales.

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nr 5/2018

Attributes of Sales Eagles


Over more than three decades, our firm has worked to improve the performance of more than 1.5 million sales professionals all over the world. Consistently, we find sellers fall into three categories: Eagle performers, Journeypeople and Laggards. What are the attributes of the representatives in each of these groups, and how can they become a Sales Eagle?

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nr 4/2018

The 5 paradoxes of sales


The vast majority of sales and negotiation training materials encourage us to use proven, predicable client acquisition patterns. Needs testing, the language of benefits, attractive promotions, plans for dealing with objections, and proper product presentations are undisputed elements of every salesperson’s toolkit. When analysing research into client behavior, we encounter situations in which their...

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