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An effective prospecting plan

Sales methods, like everything around us, are constantly changing. However, if your sales funnel is empty, then not even the most effective method will allow you to achieve success. In order to sell, you must have someone to sell to. Therefore, in our Featured Article, Marek Waśkiewicz writes about the rules of effective prospecting: how to reach a potential customer and where to look for your sales opportunities.

But gathering prospects is just the tip of the iceberg in the sales process. Salespeople need to know how to qualify the sales opportunities to increase their chances of closing the transactions. To do it right, it’s good to use the Successful Sale Formula. If you want to know its components, read the article “Should I stay or should I go?” by Timothy Sullivan.

What to do if your prospect hasn’t responded to any of your emails, calls, voicemails, social media messages, mailed materials or meeting requests? First of all, remember: it’s not a ‘dead lead’! The next steps to follow in the article “Buy or die” by Nicola Lutz.

Do you remember the crime TV series "Columbo"? Yes, I mean the detective in an unfashionable, crumpled raincoat, played by Peter Falk. What does it have in common with sales? Well, more than you think! Columbo, unlike other TV detectives, didn't try to be a tough, arrogant and brutal guy, whose severe look was to frighten villains and make them plead guilty. His strategy was much softer – but also very effective. Why not to translate it to sales negotiations? How can you become a sales Columbo? You will find out from the article by Krzysztof Rzepkowski.

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