Sell it in English 6/2019


Price negotiations in practice

The ability to negotiate is one of the key competencies of every salesperson regardless of the industry in which they operate. Among all the elements related to negotiating the terms of sale, the price is probably one of the most important. That is why our Featured Article in this issue is “How to bargain, or price negotiations in practice” by Maciej Chabowski. With the help of this article you will learn how to prepare for price negotiations, when it is not worth undertaking them and which techniques should be used in order to achieve the goal.

Nowadays, when the client’s shopping process often starts on the Internet, where they view products, look for information about services and check opinions, personal branding gains in importance. If the client perceives you as an expert in your industry - you will be the first they turn to when they start thinking about buying a product or service. That is why it is worth taking care of your personal brand. How? You can read about it in the article “Personal branding, or how to build your personal brand in sales” by Monika Mucha.

Every salesperson knows a situation like this one: after many talks with a client, collaborating to find an optimal solution, and receiving a summary proposal, the buyer suddenly demands a whole new set of requirements. Or they introduce another group of people into the evaluation process. Or maybe they inexplicably postpone the final decision. The list of potential surprise actions that clients can take is endless, but as a sales professional you can try to prevent them and learn how to deal with them. More about surprising situations in sales in Timothy Sullivan’s article “How to deal with surprising sales situations”.

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