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Clients with particular needs

Someone visually or hearing impaired, a person with physical disability, a senior or foreigner who does not speak our language well is a customer just like everyone else, only they have special needs that should be included in the sales process. How do you treat them so that you do not offend them and make them feel they had good service? You can read about this in two articles: our feature "Clients with particular needs" by Tomasz Kalko and “Doing business with disabled clients: good practices” by Iwona Dolata.

The premium customer is also a customer with special needs. In order to be successful in the luxury goods market, you need to know its specifics and rules. It is difficult to reach the premium client, because they are very selective about the group of people with whom they enter into business relations, and every mistake in the sales process can cost a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to details that are of special importance for this type of customer, as Małgorzata Biarda writes in the feature "Premium customer, premium product".

Regardless of whether we are dealing with a client with special needs or not, the appropriate launch of a sales conversation is a real art. Unless a salesperson can communicate with a buyer effectively, their chances of closing a sale are practically nil. So how to do it right? Tim Sullivan gives you some tips in his article “How to start an effective sales conversation”.

Sale is a process, that consists of series of steps that aim to get your prospective customer to buy, and then to rebuy. But… Do you know, what happens at each of these steps? How should a good sales process look like? Nicola Lutz shows her point of view in the text “What is a sales process and do you need one?”

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