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Selling services effectively

The sale of services is governed by different rights than the sale of products. It also requires slightly different skills. You have to present to the client something that they cannot touch, try, sniff. It is also easier to make a mistake – and a customer disappointed with the service will dispel his dissatisfaction on the person who sold it to him. In the case of a defective product, he will share his frustration with the producer, distributor and finally - with the salesperson. So, how to effectively sell services? In our Featured Article - "Selling services effectively" by Elzbieta Sawczuk – you will find some tips. We hope they will be useful!

Many salespeople finish their contact with the customer by sending an offer via e-mail, which means they are closing their way to sales. Perhaps this is due to the conviction that if the offer is good, the customer will respond? Or maybe fear of the refusal is the reason? A lot of sales people simply do not want to be considered too intrusive. " Sending an offer and not following up is like asking someone a question and not wanting to hear the answer” - writes Maciej Sasin in the feature "Follow up, or how to increase the chance of sale". If you would like to learn how to effectively use this tool, we invite you to read his article!

One of the biggest challenges in a salesperson’s job is how to properly position price in the context of value. As Tim Roberson writes, there are three main ways: showing how the product will improve revenues; demonstrating how the product will eliminate costs and showing how the product will eliminate future risk. If you would like to learn more about presenting the value of your products or services and competing against competitors who will attempt to undercut you on price, the article “How to position price in the context of value” will be perfect for you!

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