Techniques for exerting influence in sales

The skillful use of influence exerting techniques not only allows for more and better sales, but also allows salespeople to recognize and respond to attempts at manipulation from the client. How can you ethically, morally, and effectively influence clients?

The international market is becoming more and more mature. Thus, the time of relationship-based sales is ending. Sales results increasingly depend on the quality of the products or services sold, not on personal relationships. Having a good relationship with your client means that your meetings will be pleasant, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll be buying again. That's why you have to learn to talk about your product or service effectively, which means you need to be aware of how your words and actions affect the client.

Sales awareness

Every salesperson aims to achieve the highest sales results. If you want to achieve results on a regular basis, you need to set goals on both the strategic and the operational level and effectively implement them by consciously influencing the client's decisions.

Strategic goals focus on supporting the development of the client's business through your activities, e.g. building customer awareness of a specific product so that they in turn recommend the product to their clients.

Operational goals are actions taken during meetings with the client, e.g. information about promotions, new products, additional services provided, or interesting information about the company.

By working on both operational and strategic goals, you’ll be able to consciously arrange activities to achieve these goals. Only awareness of goal-oriented activities will enable you to work with the customer with sales tools and techniques.

Each strategic goal consists of several operational goals. The more precisely you define such goals (such as using the SMART method), the more consciously you will exert influence with the client. Thanks to your real impact on their operations, your client will feel that you’re a part of building their business.

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