In order to help develop business knowledge in many areas, including negotiation, sales, PR, marketing, HR and many others, we have created the Business English Video Course. The course contains universal, up-to-date material for teaching business English to Poles with the scope necessary to work in an office, for a company or to run a small or medium-sized business.

The course can be freely adapted to the needs of self-taught learners as well as used in the classroom, as the material contained in each lesson is diversified and multi-levelled. Selective division of individual units into shorter, independent parts makes it possible to adjust this course to the needs of both intermediate and advanced students. People who are proficient in their general language skills can acquire business English and develop their professional vocabulary. The idea behind the course is not merely to teach business vocabulary; the course provides modern valuable business knowledge and thus promotes and encourages content learning.

You will learn the language spoken by business people all around the world: by managers, directors, assistants, sales representatives, and specialists in various fields, as well as by (academic) teachers and company owners. Current business knowledge at the highest world level as well as a variety of means of teaching vocabulary and business phrases is shared for the first time through a multi-level learning system — simultaneous learning at two levels: intermediate and advanced. It will allow you to learn superbly efficiently no matter what your level of English skills is at the moment. The Business English Video Course is the only such programme on the market. You can implement it non-linearly, which means that it is up to you which chapters to tackle and in which order you want to do them. Thanks to the fact that it is an audio and video course, you can learn whenever you want. You will learn a variety of idioms and expressions used in business as well as a large number of useful phrases which are a must in business conversations. This course includes over 200 video and audio lessons and over 440 exercises with a practical course guide, all gathered in two textbooks. In each video lesson, a competent and knowledgeable instructor explains the material in detail, giving you real business knowledge that has value. The course is available 24/7 on the Internet and USB platform.

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