What if someone told you to forget your daily sales routinies and make a brand new start every day? Would it add value to your customer relationships or would it slow down your sales? Are you ready to reconsider your sales habits and break free from routine if necessary?

Routine in sales is unavoidable. No two ways about it. It makes us more efficient, provides the framework within which we contact the prospects and conduct other daily activities, forces us to decide what is important and in what order and, most of all, reduces procrastination. How? By making things we do repetitively, e.g. specified number of calls to prospects, a habit. No prior planning, no hesitance whether to start doing it or not, just a routine.

There is one ’but’ to it, however. Routine may seem important at the preparation stage, i.e. when we prepare ourselves to follow the sales process and we take the extra steps to make sure we are getting the most from it. When it comes to moving from lead to sale, and then to follow up, however, it can become deadly. When doing things in a repetitive way, it is easy to stop paying attention to what the prospects are saying and start assuming we know what they want. With 10 years’ experience in sales, we may easily be tricked into thinking we know the buyers inside out, right? If this is the case, it is about time to break the routine and add some novelty to the sales activities.

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