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Results under control - managing the sales funnel

Have you ever looked at your calendar with the feeling that you don’t know what to do and where you stand? If your boss asks you how much you’ll sell this month, do you just make up a number? Do you have the impression that your sales happen accidentally? Do you feel that you devote too much time to some clients, and that not much comes out of it? If you answered yes to these questions, don’t worry - it’s not just you.

Strategies for success

A blog as a sales tool

Michał Lisiecki   Sell it in English 7/2019 On-line only
Blogs have long been tested as a tool for reaching new customers. If your company doesn’t have a blog yet, it means that you’re either looking to get rid of customers, or that many people who might buy something simply don’t, because you don’t provide them with the right reasons. Running a company blog is a cheap and effective way to acquire new customers.

Effects instead of needs

Rafał Mróz   Sell it in English 7/2019

Asking clients about their needs is pointless. Why? Trying to address needs will take you down a slippery slope. On one hand, they are an important part of the sales process, on the other, clients aren't naïve. They won't let themselves be persuaded that they need something if they don't. And, to make it harder, they really don’t think about their needs. Often, they don’t even know what they need.

Skills academy


Closing sales on the B2B market

Closing transactions, for example by signing a contract, is just the icing on the cake. If the previous stages of the sales conversation were good, then finalization is a natural consequence. If you don’t finalize transactions, the problem often comes from one of the previous stages, so closing sales, despite being the shortest stage of the entire process, requires many different skills.

Psychology of sales

Customer relationships

Give the customer a choice

Michał Lisiecki   Sell it in English 7/2019 On-line only
When face with choosing a mobile data plan, cable television package, or even yogurt in a supermarket, we’re often stunned by the number of options available. Although psychological research confirms that too many options often leads us to totally abandon the purchase, it must be clearly stated that the choice should belong to the customer. Even if it’s a Henry Ford style choice - that is, that the customer can have the car in any colour they like, as long as it’s black.

How to build credibility with buyers

In our book, "The Collaborative Sale"1, my colleague Keith Eades and I explored how buyers’ expectations of salespeople have changed over the last few years. Our research shows that buyers have more access to information than ever before. As a result, they feel fully empowered to control their buying process, with significantly less interaction with salespeople, especially in the early stages of a purchase evaluation.


10 techniques that increase the salesperson's credibility in the eyes of the client

Your credibility among clients is a key factor determining your ability to persuade, which your sales depend on. If it is not high enough, it’ll be far harder for you to get new orders. How can you strengthen your credibility in the eyes of the client, so that it translates not only into short-term sales, but also long-term benefits for your relationship and your image?


When the client doesn't pay

There’s nothing quite like signing a new contract with a client. Your enthusiasm drops, however, when the client buys something but doesn’t pay on time. Some salespeople try at all costs to recover the amount due, often without effect. Others, for fear of losing both the client and their reputation, take no action.

The salesperson’s day-to-day challenges


From telemarketer to team leader

Karol Froń   Sell it in English 7/2019

Working on the phone might not be much fun, but it’s even harder to manage a group of telemarketers. Typically, team leaders have no prior management experience, and their first 90 days are rather ‘make or break’. So, what do you need and what can you do to stay in the saddle and build a committed and effective telesales team?